Toyota 4Runner: 4-Wheel Drive Capabilities

One of the most popular mid-size SUVs out there, the Toyota 4Runner is not only known for its multipurpose abilities, but it does incredibly well in terms of off-road adventures and contains a sporty exterior and roomy interior. It also comes with some features that could determine whether or not this vehicle is the right choice for you.

The Toyota 4Runner comes with two different options for 4-wheel drive control: the TRD Off-Road and SR5 4WD models use part time 4-wheel drive with traction control while the 4Runner Limited uses a full time system along with A-TRAC and Torsen. 

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Good Things Come in Small Packages with the 2018 Toyota Yaris

The small but mighty 2018 Toyota Yaris rolls into the new year with a host of interior features, all designed to increase passenger comfort while maximizing convenience on the road. This popular subcompact car exudes the very best of Toyota value and unparalleled expert styling. The upgraded dashboard offers a fresh new look, boasting all data accessible in a highly user-intuitive manner. The comfortable fabric-trimmed seats and spacious cabin give passengers the most luxurious ride in its class of subcompact vehicles. 

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The New Toyota Tacoma Offers Useful Safety Features

The all-new Toyota Tacoma is yet again being recognized as the popular midsize pickup truck for those who put safety ahead of all other things. These are some of those features drivers are raving about when they take the Tacoma for a test drive at Poe Toyota.

Once you get the Toyota Tacoma up to a certain speed, the Automatic High Beams make driving safer at night. If the road is clear, the high beams are activated to give you clear sight of the road ahead. If a vehicle is coming toward you, the system toggles to low beams, waits…

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Discover New Toyota Corolla Technology Features

Have you seen the latest Toyota Corolla? Toyota has updated the compact car and given it a boost in technology. Ranked highly in safety and fuel economy, the Corolla is one of the top cars for commuters and families alike because it is spacious, although small, and there are a ton of safety features that come standard. The 2018 Corolla has parking sensors, rearview camera, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, lane departure warnings, and traffic alerts. 

You can do just about anything in your Corolla with your smartphone. The car integrates with your phone using Siri Eyes Free as…

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Toyota C-HR Safety Features

With high scores in all of the areas tested for safety, the 2018 Toyota C-HR is one of the safest vehicles on the road. The latest C-HR includes all types of air bags, four-wheel brakes, electronic stability control, and lane keeping assist. 

The C-HR's safety features can be accessed through the center console. You can see blind spot monitoring, parking assist, lane departure warnings, and more through the touch-screen. 

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Find the Perfect Toyota 86 for Your Daily Commute

When you're looking for your ideal vehicle, what do you think about first? Do you want something fast? Luxurious? Sleek? Maybe you want something reliable or dependable? Perhaps you're looking for a car that you can count on. When it comes to selecting the car that's right for you, the Toyota 86 from Poe Toyota could be exactly what you need.

This model has a new design with plenty of features you aren't going to want to miss. 

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Experience the Performance of the Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander has the power to perform on the road but still has the efficiency to give you more mpg. The Highlander model's 3.5-liter V-6 direct-injection engine with the Direct Shift-8AT gives you better control, quicker acceleration, and better fuel efficiency.

The V-6 gas powered Highlander has the Start and Stop Engine System available to allow you even more fuel savings. This performance feature allows the engine to shut off at specific times, such as stop lights or when idling for particular intervals. 

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What Safety Features are Included With the New Toyota Camry?

The new Toyota Camry is turning heads again this year as one of the more popular midsize sedans. The reason why: the growing list of safety features to protect drivers on the road!

The new Camry is equipped with Blind Spot Monitor technology. What this means is that if a vehicle has been detected in either blind spot, the mirror will alert the driver to steer clear. The car also has the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system, which will alert you via the mirrors if a car is approaching while the car is in reverse. 

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ToyotaCare: Free Emergency Services When You Need it Most

One of the benefits of purchasing one of our new Toyota models is the free ToyotaCare enrollment, included with most new vehicle purchases. ToyotaCare provides free roadside assistance. This program is a two-year service designed to keep you safe on the road. You can download the ToyotaCare app or call the 800 number. Someone is always available to help, 24/7.

If you have ever accidentally left your lights on and came out to a dead battery, you understand how comforting it can be to know that a jump start is coming.  

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Toyota Land Cruiser: Ultimate SUV 60 Years in the Making

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a luxury sport utility vehicle that offers both style and performance for drivers in the El Paso, TX region. As if that were not enough to make it enticing, it is also one of the safest SUVs on the market today.

One feature that makes the Toyota Land Cruiser so safe is its ample selection of airbags: all ten of them! In the unlikely event of an accident, they cover you on all four sides. What…

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