The Toyota Land Cruiser is a large luxury SUV with some serious off-road capabilities. This is an old-school SUV with a rugged build and an aggressive, boxy design. This is why the luxury appointments surprise some potential buyers. Here at Poe Toyota, we were also surprised by all of the modern tech and safety features of the Land Cruiser.

There's a Pre-Collision System that detects vehicles, obstacles and pedestrians ahead. It then gives the driver audible and visual warnings. An Automatic Brake System may then kick in if needed to help avoid accidents. The Lane-Departure Alert gives audible and visual warnings if the Land Cruiser starts veering out of its lane.

Toyota's Dynamic Radar Cruise Control automatically matches the speed of the vehicle ahead of the Land Cruiser. This helps in maintaining a safe distance. The Land Cruiser also utilizes safe construction methods for strength and protection of passengers during collisions.



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