If you're in search of a vehicle that can do it all, Poe Toyota has the perfect midsize SUV for you. The Toyota 4Runner is tough enough to handle most any terrain, and it will look great doing it.

A locking rear differential, Crawl Control, and a Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System all work together to make the new Toyota 4Runner a finely tuned off-road machine. For even more advanced capabilities, consider upgrading to the Toyota 4Runner TDR Sport. The TDR Sport features 20-inch wheels with premium off-road capable tires and an X-REAS suspension.

Toyota's Multi-Terrain Select system works well on mud, gravel, snow, and sand. If you plan on tackling some of the treacherous terrain found on trails near El Paso, we recommend upgrading to the Multi-Terrain Monitor. The MTM gives drivers a unique vantage point of their surroundings to ensure that there aren't any hidden obstacles in their path.

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