Our Poe Toyota service department frequently gets questions about car batteries. The questions take for granted that car batteries are responsible for generating power inside a car, but this is untrue. It's your car's alternator that generates power. Here's your quick automotive part lesson for the day.

Batteries vs. Alternators

Batteries and alternators are the core of your car's electrical system. The battery merely supplies the initial jolt that starts your car. After your car starts, it's the alternator that continuously generates energy. This energy recharges the battery and powers all of your car's electrical systems.

How do Alternators Work?

An alternator works just like a generator or a hydroelectric dam. The motion of your car's wheels creates mechanical energy. The alternator captures this mechanical energy and converts it into electricity by forcing electrons through a circuit. Alternators have an average shelf life of five to seven years.

Be sure to schedule routine service at our El Paso dealership sooner than later. We'll make certain your car's battery and alternator are in top condition. See you soon.


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