Check Out the new Toyota GR Supra

Toyota has brought the Supra line back from the dead with the new GR Supra. The new Supra has been equipped with all of the latest performance technologies. These technologies make the Supra incredibly easy and fun to drive. Our team loves how easy it is to handle the GR Supra around El Paso.

One reason the GR Supra is so easy to handle in all situations is that it has multiple driving modes. Normal mode is great for dealing with your daily commute, but if you come across a great road you can easily switch it into sport mode. Another way the new GR Supra keeps you in complete control is with the electronically controlled rear differential. This smart diff can help keep the GR Supra on the road while still allowing you to have some fun.

Toyota has continued the Supra lineage with the GR and they have done an excellent job. To see how well the new GR Supra handles, or to check out all of its other performance features, you can stop by Poe Toyota.


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