Some of the sports cars on the road may have some pep under the hood, but they make it hard for drivers to handle and shift the way they would like. The new Toyota 86 sports car corrects these mistakes with its innovative steering, handling, and transmission systems that allow drivers to set their own pace.

The Toyota 86 roadster comes well-stocked with a 6-speed transmission and specially set low-end gear ratio. Drivers who prefer manual action have full foot-lever support as well as special shut-off switches that allow them to take full control of their vehicles. Operators who prefer a little assistance can use the automatic setting or the conveniently-located paddle-shifting set up. The paddle-shifters work hand-in-hand with the transmission to assure smooth gear transitions.

Rounding off the performance curb is the Toyota 86 motor itself. Aptly named the Boxer-Four motor, this engine lies flat in the compartment. The cylinders thus fire horizontally, and this configuration allows them to maximize power while at the same time providing a low center of gravity that enhances handling characteristics.


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