Discussions about why the Toyota 4Runner has tons of fans in the midsize SUV class usually entail interior features, like its power, supreme handling and class-leading off-road talents. However, the Toyota 4Runner is also a dashing midsize SUV, cutting a dashing figure on city streets and country roads. Here are two exterior features for you to consider.

Total Undercarriage Protection

You can't see the Toyota 4Runner's skid plates, but they're situated under its engine, front suspension, fuel tank, and transfer case. These all-over skid plates shield Toyota 4Runner's undercarriage from flying rocks, sand, and mud, the kind of foreign matter that causes costly damage to undercarriages.

Dynamic, Colorful Rear Spoiler

Toyota 4Runner's rear spoiler is color-keyed and sporty, boasting a concealed rear wiper with mist cycle and a central, high-mount LED stoplight. Our Toyota sales team especially loves Toyota 4Runner's reliance on LED for key interior and exterior lighting fixtures. LED emits cool, crisp light that saves energy and lasts longer. Check out the Toyota 4Runner's rear spoiler with a test drive at our dealership today.



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