What's All the Rave about a Blind-Spot Monitor?

Technology continually evolves, and with the evolution of technology, new products, such as the blind-spot monitor are born. This device is available on many late model cars and detects vehicles that are close to the side and rear of the driver's side.

What does the blind-spot monitor do? This device can send a variety of different alerts, including visual and audible, as well as vibrating. The blind-spot monitor is most commonly known for its cross-traffic alert. This alert notifies drivers who are leaving a parking space of oncoming traffic. Many drivers strive to purchase vehicles with a blind-spot monitor for added safety while driving.

Why would people use a blind-spot monitor when cars already have a rear view mirror and side mirrors? Side and rearview mirrors cannot eliminate blind spots unless all three mirrors are positioned correctly, and what are the odds of getting that right each time, especially if you share a car with someone. A blind-spot monitor eliminates the hassle of repositioning mirrors while adding a layer of protection.



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