DIY Headlight Restoration

As any car owner knows, headlights tend to gloss over or appear to fog up as they age. Instead of fully replacing them, many people look for a way to restore to their former glory. This is exactly why our team at Poe Toyota located right here in El Paso thought it would be such a great idea to give you a few techniques for restoring your headlights.

First, we recommend using a common bug spray that contains DEET. This spray can be put on a rag and then applied to the headlights in a scrubbing fashion. Be sure to fully wash it off after application as it can eat away at the car's paint. Also, car owners can purchase a Do-It-Yourself cleaning kit. The advantage to this is that the chemicals in the kit have already been perfectly balanced for you as opposed to having to guess.

By restoring your headlights, you can easily save money by extending their lifespan.


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