The New Toyota Tacoma Offers Useful Safety Features

The all-new Toyota Tacoma is yet again being recognized as the popular midsize pickup truck for those who put safety ahead of all other things. These are some of those features drivers are raving about when they take the Tacoma for a test drive at Poe Toyota.

Once you get the Toyota Tacoma up to a certain speed, the Automatic High Beams make driving safer at night. If the road is clear, the high beams are activated to give you clear sight of the road ahead. If a vehicle is coming toward you, the system toggles to low beams, waits, and then back to high beams when clear.

The Lane Departure Alert in the Toyota Tacoma is for making sure you stay in your lane at high speeds. If the system detects the car is drifting, vibrations in the steering wheel alert drivers to take action. Visit Poe Toyota to take the Toyota Tacoma for a test drive to see these safety features in action.



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