What Safety Features are Included With the New Toyota Camry?

The new Toyota Camry is turning heads again this year as one of the more popular midsize sedans. The reason why: the growing list of safety features to protect drivers on the road!

The new Camry is equipped with Blind Spot Monitor technology. What this means is that if a vehicle has been detected in either blind spot, the mirror will alert the driver to steer clear. The car also has the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system, which will alert you via the mirrors if a car is approaching while the car is in reverse.

Toyota is all about keeping drivers and passengers safe on the roads! The new Toyota Camry comes with ten (10) airbags throughout the interior to keep you safe in an accident. This Advanced Airbag System is standard in the new Camry. Take a minute to come to Poe Toyota the next time you're in El Paso, Texas and test drive the new Toyota Camry today.

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