Toyota is Committed to Safety

As one of the more popular hatchbacks available to drivers today, the Toyota Corolla iM doesn't disappoint. With the ability to drive long miles without worrying about the gas mileage, this is a vehicle that is economical and affordable for many people.

The Toyota Corolla iM comes with several safety features that are worth thinking about. First is a dynamic airbag system that protects both the driver and any passengers in the car extensively. It features 8 strategically placed airbags to keep everyone protected. A tire pressure monitoring system is also included in all new vehicles, alerting drivers when the tire pressure is dangerously low.

To learn more about why drivers are loving the Toyota Corolla iM, it's time to head to Poe Toyota and speak to a member of the sales team. take one out for a test drive today to see why this vehicle is so popular with drivers everywhere.



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